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Positive review in Routledge journal

A review of our book in the Journal, Medicine, Conflict and Survival, praises it , saying it “is carefully argued and sourced”, “carries significant authority” and “deserves to be widely read.” The review appeared in the July 2017 issue of the journal, written by Leeds Beckett University academic, Jamie Morgan.

“In its entirety the collection offers a wide-ranging set of arguments and insights.
Some of the implications are deeply disturbing, but the whole is carefully argued
and sourced, and carries significant authority. It segues into other published works
(for example, Buxton 2016; Morgan 2016; Spash 2016). The editors are members of
the Transnational Institute (TNI), which for more than forty years has been a well-regarded
research organization bringing together academic experts, policy-makers
and social movement activists. The collection has a foreword from Susan George
and is endorsed by Naomi Klein. It is not a work easily dismissed as alarmist or
ill-founded. It is a collection that deserves to be widely read. As a final point, the
title has a rhythm that echoes Primo Levi’s The Drowned and the Saved, a treatise
on Auschwitz. The ‘drowned’ are the true witnesses of Auschwitz: those eradicated
whose voice will never be heard. It is to be hoped this is not the fate of the many in
a climate-changed world.”

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